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Yeti SideKick Dry Harvest Red

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The SideKick Dry® is a gear bag for your things that need to stay dry and available.  Keys. Phone. Wallet. Fishing license. Reserve jerky.

The Sidekick Dry uses the HydroShield™ Closure - a two-part closure system to keep water out, but still allows your stuff to be easily accessed.  A strong magnetic strip closes the bag, which then folds to secure with a hook-and-loop closure.  SideKick Dry keeps things simple, secure, and 100% waterproof.

Just like our Hopper portable coolers, the seams are RF-welded, offering no water in for any rogue wetness.  In addition, the SideKick Dry is constructed of the same, tough-as-nails material as the Hopper coolers.  We know if this thing is going to tag along on your adventures, it needs to be just as tough as its counterparts.