Worx 20V Power Share Turbine Cordless 2-Speed Leaf Blower WG547

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WORX · Handheld · Electric · Cordless

The Worx 20V MaxLithium Power Share Cordless Turbine Blower is what a sophisticated, up-to-date leaf blower looks like. Easy to use, yet powerful. Clean, green, and mean to those messy leaves all over your lawn. Worx Turbine technology was designed to be as powerful and more efficient than a traditional gas or electric leaf blower, without the fumes or a cord to trip over. The Turbine blows out at 60 mph or 75 mph, depending on which speed setting youre using, and it spins out 225 CFM or 360 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air volume. You might want to go full speed all the time, but lower power actually performs better on hard surfaces like the sidewalk or driveway than full powerwho knew? (Our engineers, did.) The overmold rubber grip gives you comfortable, one-handed control of the 5.7 lbs. body, and the hyper-stream nozzle lets you direct all that power where you need it. The included 20V MaxLithium battery and charger gives you freedom from the cord and can be used on any other Worx 20V tool in the Power Share family