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Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser, White

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Provides all the clinically proven benefits of water flossing plus extra teeth whitening Restores your teeth's natural whiteness in just 4 weeks while you floss Removes stains from hard-to-reach areas, between teeth and at the gum line Minty fresh taste Includes flosser and 120 whitening tablets The Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser, WF-06W010, delivers precision whitening while you water floss. It restores your natural whiteness in just four weeks by removing hard-to-reach stains that other products miss. It is clinically proven to remove an additional 25% more stains than brushing alone, removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas, is up to 50% more effective for improving gum health versus string floss and is as gentle as regular toothpaste. Insert one whitening tablet daily into the flip-top handle. The whitening infuser technology expertly mixes water with a gentle stain removal agent that safely restores your natural whiteness, removes plaque and promotes healthier gums. The minty fresh tablets leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser Tablets help deliver precision teeth whitening while using your Water Flosser. Use one tablet daily to remove stains that other products miss from hard-to-reach areas, between teeth and at the gum line