Trexonic 3-Speed Vinyl Turntable Home Stereo System

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Trexonic · 45 rpm · 78 rpm · 33.3 rpm · With USB Connection · 8 pounds · Digital Recorder · With AM/FM Radio · Record Player · Silver

Jam out to your favorite songs with crystal-clear audio thanks to the Trexonic 3-Speed Vinyl Turntable Home Stereo System. Record your favorite vinyl or cassette and transfer it to MP3 format, so you can listen on the go. Includes a turntable, CD player, dual cassette player, FM radio, recorder, wired shelf speakers and a remote. Connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices to stream audio. Includes a 3.5MM AUX input and headphone jack. 33/45/78 RPM turntable allows you to listen to your favorite records. 2 speakers provide 4W of crystal-clear sound. Record sound from vinyl, radio and cassette to MP3, SD and USB. Record from AUX to USB and SD