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The Laser Battling RC Cars

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Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, these are the remote-controlled cars outfitted with infrared lasers for the ultimate automobile battle. Each vehicle is equipped with an infrared laser cannon and a multi-directional driving system that lets the four-wheeler perform a variety of maneuvers including 360º spins and a side-to-side crab walk. When struck by an opponent’s laser, lights flash and sound effects are engaged (three hits wins the battle). Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the vehicles are operated with 2.4 Ghz digital remotes that have a 50’ range for marathon battles in a bedroom, basement, or backyard. Each car can also operate autonomously, enabling a lone driver to combat a microprocessor-controlled car. Includes stickers to personalize vehicles. Requires 14 AA batteries. Ages 5 and up.