Staub Mini Saucepan 0.25 qt.

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Designed for reliable performance and charming oven-to-table presentation, this mini saucepan is perfect for melting butter, heating sauces, serving individual soups or desserts and so much more. Durable cast iron delivers even heating and keeps food warm at the table, while the enamel finish resists rusting and chipping and cleans up in no time. Made with care in France, this mini saucepan is a pretty and practical addition to any kitchen.

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  • Great for making individual portions of soup, sides or desserts and serving them up in style
  • Enameled cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly and efficiently
  • Durable matte-enamel finish won’t discolor, scratch, rust or chip with normal use
  • Ready to use—no seasoning required
  • Black interior enamel sears beautifully and is slightly textured for better browning
  • Heavy lid seals in heat and moisture for tender, flavorful results
  • Smooth base is compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  • Built to last for generations—backed by a lifetime warranty