SPT SU-2628B Dual Mist Humidifier with Ion Exchange Filter

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SPT · Ultrasonic · Dual Mist · Filtered

Give you and your family access to clean air at home by setting up this Sunpentown Dual Mist Humidifier with Ion Exchange Filter. This appliance removes the excess moisture from the air, so you can start breathing better. It features a specially engineered filter, an ultrasonic generator and a 7-liter water tank capacity. The Sunpentown humidifier dispenses warm or cool mist, depending on your needs. The unit also gives off subtle lighting of seven colors for added effect. This ultrasonic dual mist humidifier works by demineralizing and treating water to reduce the formation of magnesium and calcium from hard water. This device has a 7-liter capacity in its tank, and can accommodate rooms up to the size of 538 square feet