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Sportsstuff Sumo & Splash Guard Combo - 53-1807

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Adult · 33 inches

Sportstuff Sumo & Splash Guard Combo: This single chamber tube is made of 100% heavy-duty K80 PVC with radio frequency (RF) welded seams and is put over the rider like a shirt, instead of being directly attached to the boat. Take it to the beach for the ultimate body surfing experience, or grab two Sumo's and have a Sumo wrestling match with a friend! The Sumo Splash Guard (included) is an inflatable armrest/handle with a sleek splash-deflecting design, heavy duty double stitched nylon cover with zipper that will keep the spray out of your face. Featuring 6 double webbing foam handles and EVA foam knuckle guards on a heavy-duty nylon cover. Simply connect a standard tow rope to the Sumo Splash Guard and you can steer the Sumo Tube back and forth, jump the wake, and roll 360s! The Sumo measures 38" x 32" (96.5 cm x 81.3 cm) and the Sumo Splash Guard measures 35" x 22" (89 cm x 56 cm) deflated, has a maximum weight capacity of 170 lbs. (77 kg), and requires a tow rope that is 50' to 65' (15.25 to 19.8 meters) in length with a minimum tensile strength of 1,500 lbs. (680 kg). Tubes are easy to inflate with patented speed safety valves. Towable comes with an owner's manual