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Shurflo Bait Sentry Magnetic Drive Livewell Pump 800 GPH

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The Shurflo Bait Sentry Mag-Drive Pump eliminates a physical connection between the motor and the impeller and turns it with a magnetic drive. It has an anti-airlock feature that can clear trapped air even in the roughest of waters. If the pump is dry or the impeller is clogged, the motor can run dry without you having to worry about damage. The Livewell aerator pump includes a dual port for easy washdown connection. Ignition protected, it is designed to offer lasting performance regardless of the elements. It contains a second inlet port for washdown that requires one thru-hull fitting for two pumps. The Shurflo Livewell pump is UL and CE listed. Change the way you keep your boat maintained by adding this quality product. It can keep you well equipped with the water you need