Seachoice Cooler Cushion-94 qt 7684

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Seachoice · Cooler · 94 quarts

This versatile Seachoice Cooler Cushion converts a cooler lid into additional comfortable on-board seating. The durable white vinyl cushion attaches securely to the cooler with snap straps and turns a hard lid into padded seating that boaters can place wherever they like. The Cooler Cushion is designed to fit the lid of a 94-quart cooler. It measures 31 inches x 15 5/8 inches x 3 inches, and has a squared-off perimeter so the interior cushion extends to the outer edges of the cushion. The included snap straps attach the cushion to the cooler and allow for repeated attaching and removal as needed. The cushion has a durable, weather- and UV-resistant marine-grade white vinyl shell that can endure extended exposure to sun without fading or peeling. Inside the vinyl shell is a durable, pliable 3-inch-thick foam cushion that provides comfortable seating. Seachoice is committed to delivering quality marine accessories and OEM replacement parts to satisfy fishing, boating and watersports enthusiasts worldwide. Seachoice is run for and by boaters, offering a wide-ranging product line while remaining affordable