Raymarine c12X/e12X Classic Adapter Kit - R70011

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Helm station adapter kits for c and e-series mfds raymarine offers 4 different helm station adapter kits that enable you to easily fit a new 9 or 12-inch mfd into the same cutout left behind by raymarine c80, e80, c120, e120, c90w, e90w, c120w and e120w displays. Each kit includes a stainless steel adapter plate that uses the same mounting hole pattern as the old mfd being replaced. The new mfd's hole pattern is pre-drilled in the plate as well. Finally, an oversized snap-on bezel fits on the new mfd and completely covers the adapter plate. A rubberized suncover is also included with each kit. Note: the recently announced e165 multifunction display fits the cutout of the previous generation c140w and e140w directly. No adapter kit is required. Helm station adapter kits r70008 c/e90w to new c/e95 or 97 kit r70009 c/e120w to new c/e125 or127 kit r70010 c/e80 to new c/e95 or 97 kit r70011 c/e120 to new c/e125 or 127 kit