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Raycop - Go UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum - White

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RAYCOP · Handheld · Bagless · HEPA Filter · Cordless · 32 oz · 0.35 gal

For on-the-GO peace of mind. Use UV light with or without a vacuum function so you can safely clean your phone, car and plane seat, hotel room, luggage and more. UV Sanitization for Any Surface Sanitize any surface. Just a few seconds of exposure to ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Use it on cell phones, airplane and car seats, luggage, and anything else you’d like sanitized. Breakaway Design Disassembles into four pieces for easy portability and storage. PureAir HEPA Filtration Traps 99.97% of dust mite matter, pollen, pet dander and other allergens without releasing them back into the air. Filtration system is easily cleaned and simple to remove. AllergenLock Keep allergens in, not recirculating throughout your home. Optimized Ergonomics Design of the handle ensures best grip and use and does not put pressure on the wrist. Three Operation Modes UV-only and two different suction modes (with or without UV)