Rösle Forged Steel Skillet 8"

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Create beautifully browned and deliciously seared steak, perfectly fried eggs or stir-fried vegetables with this versatile skillet. Able to withstand temperatures up to 752°F, it evenly conducts heat to cook food evenly—even on a campfire or grill. It features an interior pattern that aids in quick searing. Made in Germany of forged steel, this skillet will last through countless meals.
  • Good for all stovetops, including induction, and usable on a grill and campfire
  • Welded forged steel handle makes it easier to maneuver when cooking
  • Made of durable 3mm thick forged steel
  • Develops a beautiful patina and excellent natural nonstick properties the more you use it
  • Heat safe up to 752°F, allowing extra-long preheating for excellent results when searing or browning