Poly-Planar GSMR30 MP4 MP3 & Photo Playback Gauge Series Marine Radio

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Poly-Planar’s GSMR30 Bluetooth/MP3/USB Gauge Series Radio is an affordable and easy to use marine radio with 4 Channels of 45 Watt power power each. Enjoy listening to your favorite playlist as it streams via Bluetooth from your phone or play one of the 18 preset AM/FM stations. With the GSMR30’s IPX5 waterproof rating, you can eliminate any worries if water splashes onto your radio. The sleek black display mounts easily into your console with the included mounting template and hardware. It is called a gauge series radio because the cut out to mount it is the same as most engine gauges, 3.1875". The included Trim Bezel ensures a professional looking installation. The radio includes on video output, 1 subwoofer output and 1 pre-amp output. Enjoy yourself on the water without breaking the bank with the Poly-Planar GSMR30 radio