Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler Tan/Orange

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Despite its slender design, the Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler retains ice for three days outdoors, even in the stifling-hot conditions. The Elite Cooler features 2 centimeters of insulation, which retains ice and keeps your beverages frosty for days while you're camping, boating, and recreating outdoors. Convenient extras, such as molded can holders and a built-in bottle opener, make it a great addition to your outdoor gear arsenal.This 20-quart cooler (that's about 18.9 liters) is part of Pelican's Elite series of rugged coolers designed to withstand hardcore abuse outdoors. Proving its strength, you'll find it's constructed of rugged polypropylene throughout the body and handle, reinforced with stainless steel hardware. Oversized latches keep its contents from spilling out when it's bumping around in your boat or tossed in a truck cab.