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Mayne 5865 Nantucket Planter, White

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How does the Sub-Irrigation Water Reservoir work These patio planters include a trough design creating a sub-irrigation water reservoir at the bottom of the planter. Capillary action allows water in the reservoir to soak upward keeping the soil and plant roots moist. To avoid oversaturation an overflow hole is drilled through the outside wall allowing excess water to drain out from the planter. Regular watering is required for the first few weeks giving the root system time to develop. Once the roots have grown down to the troughs the plants will be able to pull moisture from the reservoir creating a self-watering effect.About Mayne Since its conception in 2005, Mayne Mail Posts has grown and expanded its line of distinct outdoor products. Based in London, Ontario, Mayne takes great pride in creating and designing high-quality products for your home, including mail box posts, planters, address signs, and lamp posts. Mayne's dedicated team continues to set high standards in order to provide you with service and quality worthy of remembering. Charming planter with classic style. High-grade polyethylene with UV inhibitors. Material is maintenance-free and will not fade, warp, or rot. Soil capacity is approximately 5 gallons. Built-in water reservoir with approximately 3.7-gallon capacity. Dimensions: 16L x 16W x 16H inches