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Lumitec Caprera2 Dual Color LED Flood Light - White/Blue

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Lumitec's class-leading flood lights surpass all the competition. Whether you are replacing an antiquated halogen light or installing a high-powered deck flood light, Lumitec lights guarantee performance, reliability and quality. Designed with durable aluminum housings and completely water sealed, Lumitec lights yield thousands of hours of superior output in any weather conditions. What do you do to improve the industry’s best-selling marine LED flood light? Add features, improve the beam pattern, and increase the output! Lumitec’s Caprera2 LED flood lights new two-color technology provides amazing white and elegant blue outputs. Our exclusive wide beam optical technology puts the light across the deck where you need it most, providing for up to twice the usable light of competitors. Fully water sealed (IP67 Compliant) and, as with all Lumitec products, proudly designed and manufactured in the USA