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Lil' Rider Kids Ride-On Battery Operated Classic Car

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Trademark Global · Car · 6-volt · Black

Your little one deserves a car with a little more style and class, which is exactly what the Lil Rider Kids 1937 Roadster Ride-On Battery Powered Riding Toy offers. The working headlights, the horn, and fun car noises make for ultra-fun trips around the driveway. Combine those extras with the built-in MP3 connection with cord, volume control, and song selection buttons and your child will be entertained for hours. The Lil Rider 1937 Roadster Riding Toy has a simple on/off switch and a gas gauge that actually indicates the battery and heat levels; the 6V battery is rechargeable. Use a remote to control where and how fast your child goes, or give your child the option to drive, keeping in mind that this riding toy can reach speeds up to 3 mph. (ASR9440-1)