Landmann Big Sky Shooting Stars Fire Pit

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Landmann · Free-standing · Outdoor · Fire Pit · Wood

Stave off the chill of cold weather with this black Landmann wood-burning firepit. The shooting-star-patterned holes allow air to circulate and keep the fire going, while the three thick flared legs offer stability. This Landmann wood-burning firepit includes a 37-inch heavy-duty poker for stoking the flames and a spark-guard cover for safety. Wood fire pit Designed to use with firewood and can hold up to 5 lbs. of fuel. 24′′ fire bowl Provides ample storage space for firewood to warm you and your family for hours. Full coverage spark guard Ensures spark protection, so you can enjoy the fire without worrying about uncontrollable charcoal. Porcelain cooking grate with handles Allows you to cook food with natural fire