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Klein Tools

Klein 63318 18" Bolt Cutter - Steel Handles

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Klein Tools, Inc. represents much more than Klein pliers. The company's product line has broadened to include virtually every major type of hand tool used in construction, electronics, mining, and general industry in addition to the electrical and telecommunications fields.
Klein Tools 63318 18" Bolt Cutter - Steel Handles Features:
  •  Handles have heavy vinyl grips with flat grips ends for 90° cuts
  •  All-purpose, center-cut jaws for soft, medium, and hard metals
  •  Forged, alloy tool steel jaws are precision ground for sure, efficient cutting and long life
  •  Lockplate reinforcement prevents jaw bolts from loosening or turning, keeps jaws in correct alignment
  •  One adjustment realigns cutting edges
  •  3-point toggle joint multiplies 50 lbs. of hard pressure on handles to 4,000 pounds at cutting jaws
  •  Cutting capacities for soft and medium materials is up to Brinell 300, Rockwell C31
  •  Cutting capacities for hard materials is up to Brinell 400, Rockwell C42.
Klein Tools 63318 18" Bolt Cutter - Steel Handles Specifications:
  •  Hard Material Cutting Maximum Capacities: 1/4"
  •  Soft & Medium Cutting Maximum Capacities: 3/8"
  •  Handle Color: red
  •  Handle Type: steel
  •  Overall Length: 18"