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Kalorik Digital Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration

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Kalorik · Air · 3.2 quarts · Electric · 1,700 watts · Stainless Steel

Product details Kalorik Air 3.2 quarts Stainless Steel Indulge in deep-fried comfort foods without the smell, mess or wasted oil. The Kalorik 3.2 Quart Digital Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration features a unique oil filtration system that cleans and drains the oil for future use. When the used oil has cooled down, turn the dial to filter the oil into the clean oil tank for storage. Filtering the oil after each use will help prolong the life of the cooking oil, saving you money and resources. An easy-to-use digital control panel features an adjustable thermostat up to 375F and a built-in 30 minute timer. Enjoy crispy tender chicken, fish, French fries, onion rings and donuts fried to a perfect golden crisp every time. The appliance also features modern stainless steel housing and a magnetic breakaway cord