Jabsco 29090-5000 Manual Marine Toilet - Compact Bowl

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Jabsco · Marine

Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock Manual Marine Toilets, 29090 & 29120 Series are designed and built to give boaters extra safety and peace of mind with the intuitive, simple to use, Twist 'n' Lock action. These toilets feature handles that guard against syphonic flooding and waste back-flow. One easy 90 Deg. turn of the handle and the lock is applied. Turning the handle back to the natural operating position opens the lock again.The Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock design is a long running production of a sturdy functioning marine toilet that was designed by PAR. If later on you wish to upgrade to an Conversion Kit, there will be no issue.Twist 'n' Lock safety handle and flush control lever. Powerful swirl action for efficient flushing. Full sized external seal housing allows quick clean seal replacement and instant access to pump cylinder. Powerful self-priming pump for above or below waterline installation. Crevice free contours and smooth moldings for added hygiene. Automatic vacuum breaker for easier pumping. Angled pump housing and long stroke for ease of installation. Luxury wooden seat and cover with tough baked enamel coating. Hygienic pure white vitreous china bowl for ease of cleaning. Full sized regular bowl or compact bowls available. Reversible pump mounting for choice of right or left handled installationIf the toilet is to be installed below the waterline or may be below the waterline at any angle of heel or trim, properly installed vent loops must be used to prevent flooding