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Hue Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit, 4-Pack, White - Silver

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Philips · Amazon Alexa · Google Assistant · Siri · Light Bulb Kit

Make your home a more welcoming hub with this Hue white ambiance A19 starter kit. Whether you desire a warm natural glow or energizing color tones, customize it just the way you like with the accompanying app. For parties, easily sync your lights to music with this Hue white ambiance A19 starter kit. Hue is your personal, customizable wireless lighting system With wireless control on your smartphone or tablet, choose the perfect light setting for any mood or activity such as reading or relaxing, concentrating, or energizing. Create custom schedules Program your lights to match your routine. The Hue system can wake you to your own gradual sunrise every morning or automatically illuminate your lights at sundown. White light that fits your needs Choose from different shades and intensities so you can comfortably concentrate, read, relax and more. Quick, easy installation Install the LED lights as you would install ordinary bulbs and pair them with the Hue Bridge, which allows you to control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead lights via the Hue App. Add Hue products to unlock enhanced lighting experiences Easily expand your lighting system with up to 12 accessories per system (sold separately), such as a Hue Tap or Hue Motion Sensor. Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system