Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Gun Metal

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Electric · Hover-1 · Hoverboard · Self-balance · Gun Metal

This stellar hoverboard is lightweight and supports a weight ranging from 45 to 160lbs making it perfect for all levels of riders. Riding the hoverboard is simple, fun and easy. Step onto our non-slip foot pedals to activate the dual 200W motors and control how you move with just a little shift in your weight. You will be able to move all directions, spin, turn and glide on your brand-new Hover-1 Helix. You can take your Hover-1 Helix on all types of adventure. Zip through a park, take it across a college campus to get to class on time, or simply just take a leisure stroll through the neighborhood. All of these are possible when you cruise around at a comfortable max speed of up to 7.4 mph. The possibilities are endless on this incredible Hoverboard. Feeling like you need some jams on your adventure? The Helix is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to listen to all of your favorite artists while you ride in style. You will leave others green with envy as you ride past them with all the best tunes. The Hover-1 Helix also comes with an IPX4 Water Resistance rating to protect against minor splashes. Before you ride your new Hoverboard, please make sure to charge the board for a few hours to ensure the battery is full. Get ready for boundless fun! The Hover-1 Helix is here