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Homedics Gentle Touch Gel Cordless Massager with Heat

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HoMedics · Seat Cushion

Turn your aches into ahhs! Innovative gel node technology relaxes and rejuvenates sore muscles like a professional shiatsu massage. Want to relax after a stressful day? Relax into a gentle massage with soothing heat using the HoMedics Gentle Touch Gel Cordless Massager with Heat. Just like having your own personal masseuse. Gel-coated shiatsu nodes feel just like the hands of a masseuse as they deliver a soft, yet firm shiatsu massage. Can't Beat the Heat. Enjoy optional soothing heat to calm post-workout soreness and accelerate muscle recovery. Portable and lightweight, the Gentle Touch Gel Cordless Massager can be used on most chairs with its integrated strapping system. You can take this massager anywhere to target your neck, back, or hamstrings. You can put it in reverse to change up the massage with its auto-reverse rotation for full coverage