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Blue Sea Systems - 7650 Add A Battery size 120a

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The Mini add-a-battery plus simplifies switching with a dual circuit plus battery switch and allows you to charge at or away from the dock with the battery link charger. The 10A, 2 bank, charger includes an integrated 65A acr for automatic charging of 2 battery banks off a single engine alternator. The battery link charger is ip-67 waterproof and includes battery temperature compensation, start isolation, and comes with an external indicator remote. Battery temperature compensation allows you to charge a battery based on its temperature to ensure it's always receiving safe and optimal charging voltages. Start isolation ensures that sensitive electronics are not subjected to the voltage sags from engine cranking. The external indicator remote allows a customer to understand the charge status of their system at or away from the dock. By integrating switching and AC/DC charging the Mini add-a-battery plus makes boating simpler and safer. Reducing the possibility of someone being stranded with a dead battery. For use in 12V applications onl