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Bep Marine

BEP 710-140a Digital Voltage Sensing RELAY DVSR - 12/24V

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The ignition-protected Digital Voltage Sensing Relay can be surface or panel mounted and will conveniently allow the charging of a second battery from a single charging source. When the voltage on the start battery rises to a level indicating a 60 percent charge, the VSR engages allowing the second battery to charge so that they can both be ready for use when you need them. When charging stops and voltage falls the isolated voltage sensor will disengage, which will isolate the two batteries from each other and isolate the starting battery from the house bank. It has a dual sensing functionality that enables the sensing of two battery banks allowing two-way charging. This battery voltage has a simple-to-install three-wire connection that leaves the alternator wiring intact. It can be surface or panel mounted so you can choose the way that best fits your current needs